Peace Park Grants Donate Application

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   The Doug Rand Action Fund has been established in memory of a unique and inspiring political activist whose dedication to social change remains as an example for us all. Doug Rand worked to promote peace, social justice and environmental protection through nonviolent action. Doug Rand died on March 5, 2000 after struggling with a brain tumor for fifteen months. He is greatly missed in the Santa Cruz community and the results of his work live on.
   The purpose of the Doug Rand Action Fund is to provide small amounts of seed money for those who have been unable to find grants or other conventional sources to begin a community-based, action-oriented project which focuses on peace, social justice or environmental protection. Innnovative and creative projects will be given preference.
   The first grants were awarded on the first Sunday of August in remembrance of the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. From then on there will be a annual award of grants on Dougs birthday, May 4th, as well as smaller grants being awarded throughout the year when needs arise and money is available.


Executive Board
Rachel O'Malley
Celia Scott
John Malkin
Mathilde Rand
Ann Simonton
Peter Szydlowski

Helaine Rand
Walter Rand
Marv Kaplan
Elise Ciner
Margaret Reynolds
Claudia Shafer
Susan Martinez
Bill Monning
E.A. Chase
John Devalcourt


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